Sunday, 8 September 2013

Safe and Sound

Hello! After a long day yesterday I finally have an opportunity to post something up on here, unfortunately though no pictures for the moment. After my flight from Toronto which lasted from 11:00am - 4:00pm I had a 4 hour lay-over in El Salvador. Seeing the scenery and the green mountains when we were descending was an unreal experience, and really set in that I wasn´t home anymore. About an hour and a half before my flight to Quito, I met a girl named Hannah from San Francisco, who was also coming to Ecuador to volunteer. Having someone to talk to that spoke English and could relate was a huge relief. It ended up that she´s staying in the town right beside mine, so we exchanged info and hopefully we´ll get to meet up at some point while we´re both here!

As if that lucky run-in wasn´t enough, I met a really nice older man while waving down a taxi outside of Quito Airport. His name was Tim and he was from Germany, who had moved to Ecuador in 2003 to teach English and German and after a few years decided to become a tour guide. We shared a cab because we were going in the same direction, and I got a 30 minute run down of the better places to visit, information about the culture, and just general interesting stuff that was a huge bonus. The 40 minute taxi ride was only $40 (unreal right?) and I got to my hostel at about 1am. I didn´t sleep until 2:30 because I had to watch some tv to calm me down haha, but got a decent enough sleep and now I´m ready for my bus trip to my destination! Even looking out of my window here at the hostel the scenery is incredible and I can´t wait to upload pictures for you guys. I´m sure I´ll be taking plenty while on the bus and once I arrive at Merazonia!

Hopefully it isn´t too long until I post again, but this post served mainly to let everyone know all is well and I´m still in one piece. Much love!

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